Easter Weekend in Cape Town : A Two Oceans PB for Yours Truly

Easter Weekend in Cape Town is not really about bunny rabbits, chocolate eggs and fluffy chicks. Every year this weekend is dominated by a pretty amazing race, known as the Two Oceans Marathon. I even know some people who haven’t had an Easter Weekend away in 25 years because of this race. Craziness. Last year’s race was quite an EPIC FAIL but also quite experience . And I knew going into my 3rd Two Ocean’s that nothing could be quite as bad as last year. With a field of 16,000 runners this is pretty much the biggest half marathon in South Africa and it comes with a fabulous atmosphere (although, not the prettiest route by far). Luckily, this year I had managed to get myself out of the novice runners group by seeding into the D-Group. And as hard as that seeding race was, starting in the D group made it really worthwhile. On the morning of the race we got to start ahead of 9,000 people in the E-group and get a 10 minute head-start.

We made it...Seeded Runners.

We made it…Seeded Runners.

I had a great race. Felt like I flew most of it, even Southern Cross (which can make or break your race ). It was the first time I ran that hill/mountain without having to stop and walk. I guess 3rd times a charm. The atmosphere was so great that I started thinking towards the end that the race was way to short. The best part was that I got to run whole sections with different running buddies, which was awesome.

Michelle - A famous runner in CT enjoying the atmosphere at Two Oceans

Michelle – A famous runner in CT enjoying the atmosphere at Two Oceans

Really really enjoyed my 3rd Two Oceans and can’t wait till next year…as this race is always an experience. I finished in 2hr 30 and 54 secs which in Two Oceans PB by about 30 seconds and not bad at all considering it was not a flat route at all and the fact that I’d expected to get much slower because of the marathon training. I am slightly disappointed that I can’t tick off a PB in the half marathon off my 2013 Bucket List but I have confidence that a) it will happen and that b) I am much stronger for the marathon that I was last year.

All the Finishers and Supporters :)

All the Finishers and Supporters :)

Oh, and as for Easter. The only little bit of Easter fun I got to have was a free Lindt bunny that came with coffee for Vida ;). Till Two Oceans 2014. Two Oceans Medal

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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling stronger for the marathon! And don’t worry, I slowed way down for my half marathons this year and just had a huge PB for my marathon, so speed just now ain’t nuthin’! :)

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