Learning to Ride a Bike : First Step Towards the Cape Argus 2014

So, learning to ride a bike is one of those things everyone learns to do when they are 3 years old or whatever. But not me, I decide to wait till I am 27.

My Dad will refute the above statement and claim that he did teach me to ride a bike when I was a kid. But in my memory, I only rode my bike till the stabilisers came off and then I gave up.

Either way, its been a very long time since I’ve been near a contraption with two wheels.

Why now ? Well I’ve been living in Cape Town now for the past 3 years. One of the biggest events that the city hosts (in fact THE biggest sporting event – even bigger than the the Two Oceans Marathon). Its a huge 110km cycle race and basically an amazing peninsula tour on the bike… I’ve been keen to do it for a while, but the fact that I couldn’t ride a bike had been putting me off.

Anyways, 2 weeks ago now, I had my first cycling lesson :) And get this I wasn’t half bad. OK, well I can ride around now but I still stop miles away from the curb :(


Yayers :)



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